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Acne News Archive
  • A new study reveals that milk and sugary foods may contribute to acne, but chocolate's not indicted (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

    A new study shows that a diet high in milk and sugary products may aggravate acne.

  • Unusual suspects (Toronto Sun)

    Good heavens, that cute little Amber Tamblyn, the former Joan of Arcadia, has grown up to be a busty hooker!

  • Recession rearing its ugly head on people's skin (Honolulu Advertiser)

    Here's another bump in the landscape of economic meltdown: adult acne. Stress is a leading cause of breakouts, and there's no shortage of that these days in the office of Oakland, Calif.-based Dr. Katie Rodan. Many of her clients are either in the financial field or have husbands who are.

  • Join the 'Battle' Against Acne at the Clearasil® Pimple Blocker Battle (PRWeb via Yahoo! News)

    Today, Tuesday, April 7th five of the hottest teenage dance crews will stomp their way to New York City to battle for the title of the First Clearasil® Dance Crew, on the stage at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square.

  • Joan of Arcadia makes an unusual hooker (Timmins Daily Press)

    Good heavens, that cute little Amber Tamblyn, the former Joan of Arcadia, has grown up to be a busty hooker! Okay, some elaboration is required. When we first see the 25-year-old Tamblyn in her new offbeat TV series The Unusuals, which debuts tomorrow on Global and ABC, she is playing a hooker.[...]

  • Why Clearasil Sees a Blemish-Free Future Online (BrandWeek)

    Less than a week after announcing that it would shift $20 million from TV to Internet advertising, Reckitt Benckiser has launched its first major digital push for Clearasil.

  • With computer programs like MAME, Defender and vintage games are enjoyed by new generations (The Toledo Blade)

    If you were to step back in time to 1982 and walk into any mall arcade, youd find the usual collection of now-classic arcade games. Ms. Pac-Man was a monster, as was Donkey Kong. Defender, even two years after its release, maintained its share of acne-scarred fans. In all, youd probably find 50 or so arcade titles mixed in with a few pinball machines, which even then were relegated to ...

  • 2009/04/05 (The New Straits Times)

    Q: I HAVE an oily T-zone and acne marks around the chin area. What is the simplest way to avoid an oily-looking face and what is the best foundation for a matte look which covers my acne marks?

  • PPD acquires Magen BioSciences to expand compound partnering programme in dermatology (PharmaBiz)

    PPD, Inc announced it has acquired Magen BioSciences, Inc, a biotechnology company focused on dermatologic therapies based in Waltham, Massachusetts. The acquisition expands PPD's compound partnering programme into dermatology, initially in the indications of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and acne.

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